Let's Bring “Pleasure” to the World with What is “Inspiring” from Japan

Our dream and commitment is to bring you memorably designed, high quality stationery. It was in 1995 that Mark's released its first products. Since then we have been seeking “pleasure” through “inspiring” design, function and quality. All this is made possible with carefully thought-out monozukuri (production) - not only design but consideration for every aspect of usability - and the creation of form based on advanced ideas.

Inspiring designs mean great satisfaction. Advanced design and function with clever, effective features can excite users. Combined with precise, delicate finishing, the result is ease of mind. Products backed by the quality Japan is proud of are valued throughout the world and bring pleasure to life. Their creation is the origin of Mark's.

It has been more than ten years since the Japanese culture of manga and anime was greeted by the world as COOL JAPAN.

At the same time, the overwhelming global power of monozukuri, which had been built up by the manufacturing industry, including automobiles and electrical machinery, and which served as Japan's driving force for so long, is now shaking internationally.

In these circumstances, Mark's knows that it is the force of “software,” including content and design, that can keep Japan distinctive in the international community. The time has come when Mark's can realize its wish for “cool” stationery with rich content and features, bringing pleasure to the world.

Since the Meiji Restoration, there has been faith in foreign-made and imported things. But having once worshipped imported goods unconditionally, Japan appears to now recognize that stationery fully integrating Japan's unique power of “software” delivers the world's highest value.

In other words, the time has come for Japan to present the value of its “software” to the world, in which attention is paid to all details.

This is why Mark's challenges the world with the new value of Japan - “Created in Japan.”

Let's bring pleasure to the world with Japan-made inspiration.

Mark's launched world development in 2005. How much “pleasure” will “inspiration” created by Mark's bring to the people of the world hereafter? Please look forward to the activities of Mark's as it seeks to be the world's top designer of stationery.

Kazuhiko Takaghi
President & CEO